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Art-themed tours in Amsterdam

Golden Age Architecture Tour

Step into the glorious past of Amsterdam's Golden Age on our private 1.5-hour Golden Age Architecture Tour. Led by a knowledgeable local expert, this exclusive journey will transport you back to the 17th century, the pinnacle of Amsterdam's global trade and cultural prominence. Explore the enchanting Canal District and historic Jordaan neighborhood, where beautiful and well-designed buildings stand as enduring symbols of architectural brilliance.

During this captivating guided walking tour, your knowledgeable guide will unveil the secrets behind the architectural wonders of the Golden Age. From the elaborate gabled houses to the awe-inspiring Royal Palace of Amsterdam, you'll discover the meticulous craftsmanship and harmonious balance between form and function that define these treasures. Learn about the construction techniques and engineering marvels that made these buildings possible, while gaining a profound appreciation for their preservation and recognition as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Experience history coming to life during one of the best art and culture tours of Amsterdam, where the stories of architecture, engineering, and preservation intertwine. Experience the beauty and grandeur of Amsterdam's Golden Age, marvel at the well-designed facades, and uncover the hidden gems that make these structures so remarkable.

The plan for this 1,5 hour tour:

  • Meet on Dam Square, in front of the Royal Palace.
  • Introduction about the Golden Age and discussion of the Royal Palace.
  • Ring of Canals; the building styles, engineering and famous canal houses.
  • Jordaan neighborhood: warehouses and other commercial buildings.
  • Time for questions about the architecture, the neighborhoods or anything else in Amsterdam!

When booking please note that: 

  • Participants under 12 years of age count as children. Paricipants 12 years of age or older count as adults. 

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