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Art-themed tours in Amsterdam

Street Art Bike Tour

Embark on our exclusive four-hour Street Art Biking Tour and experience the vibrant street art scene of Amsterdam like never before. Led by a local expert guide, this personalized adventure takes you on an off-the-beaten-path exploration that is suitable for families with teenagers, photography enthusiasts, and art lovers alike. Discover hidden gems in districts like Noord and Oost, where local and international artists have left their mark on walls, bridges, and abandoned buildings. Marvel at the incredible talent and immerse yourself in the raw and authentic side of Amsterdam's street art scene.

Pedal through picturesque traditional villages nestled between the street art areas, adding a touch of charm to your journey. Experience the unique blend of old-world Dutch culture and modern artistic expression as you glide along lanes adorned with quaint wooden houses. Our expert guide will provide fascinating insights into the artists' techniques and the cultural significance of the artworks, making this an unforgettable adventure suitable for the whole family, photography enthusiasts, and those with a passion for art and street art.

Gather your loved ones, grab your cameras, and hop on a bike to experience an exhilarating private adventure through Amsterdam's vibrant street art scene. Immerse yourselves in the captivating artistry, explore off-the-beaten-path locations, and discover the seamless fusion of tradition, modernity, and creative expression that makes Amsterdam a true street art paradise. If you’re looking for something different, this tour is tailor-made exclusively for you, offering a unique and personalized perspective on the city's thriving art and culture scene. Get ready for an unforgettable journey that celebrates the transformative power of street art in one of the world's most artistic cities.

The plan for this 4 hour tour:

  • Meet at a bike shop, rent bikes.
  • Safety briefing, cycle to the ferry dock.
  • Take the ferry to the North together.
  • Tour of an old shipbuilding wharf with street art and artist’s studio’s.
  • Bike through picturesque villages.
  • Cross back over to Amsterdam’s main side cycling over two expansive bridges offering panoramic views.
  • Tour of artworks under the second bridge.
  • Cycle back to the bike shop passing famous landmarks such as a windmill and the Maritime Museum.
  • Return bikes.
  • Time for questions about the art, the neighborhoods or anything else in Amsterdam!

When booking please note that:

  • The tour price includes bike rental. 
  • Participants younger than 12 count as children. Participants 12 years of age or older count as adults. 

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