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Art-themed tours in Amsterdam

Picturesque Bike Tour

Discover the real Amsterdam with a private bike tour led by an authentic Amsterdam tour guide. Explore Amsterdam like a local as you embark on a unique off-the-beaten-path adventure that will take you beyond the tourist hotspots. With our knowledgeable insider guide, you'll uncover hidden gems and experience the tranquil and peaceful side of Amsterdam.

During this four-hour bike tour, we'll take you on a journey through diverse landscapes and charming residential neighborhoods. From the modern eco-friendly floating village to traditional hamlets with picturesque wooden houses, you'll witness the rich cultural heritage that defines the Netherlands. Pedal through the serene countryside, where vast fields and picturesque farmhouses create a peaceful backdrop. As we make our way to the harbor, you'll be enchanted by the sight of sailboats gliding along the water, immersing yourself in the maritime spirit of Amsterdam.

What sets our Amsterdam bike tour apart is the tranquil and relaxed atmosphere of the route. We've carefully chosen a mostly residential area with little traffic, ensuring a safer and more relaxing biking experience for you. With our private guide leading the way, you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings and enjoy the authentic charm of Amsterdam. This tour is family-friendly, providing a delightful adventure that can be enjoyed by all ages. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that combines the joy of biking with a cultural exploration of the city's hidden gems.

The plan for this 3,5 hour tour:

  • Meet at a bike shop, rent bikes.
  • Safety briefing, cycle to the ferry dock.
  • Take the ferry to the North together, and start the bike tour.
  • Tour of an eco-friendly modern village.
  • Bike through picturesque traditional villages, countryside and a harbor with sailboats.
  • Cross back over to Amsterdam’s main side cycling over two expansive bridges offering panoramic views.
  • Cycle back to the bike shop passing famous landmarks such as a windmill and the Maritime Museum.
  • Return bikes.
  • Time for questions about the art, the neighborhoods or anything else in Amsterdam!

When booking please note that:

  • The tour price includes bike rental. 
  • Participants younger than 12 count as children. Participants 12 years of age or older count as adults. 

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